Domains up for Sale

I have few good domains available for sale, in case you want to buy. You could:

– use these domains as entry point to your websites,
– use as additional URLs for branding and additional traffic purpose
– just plain good investment.



girlsdressboutique COM B2B COM B2B COM Domain COM Employment COM Employment IN Employment IN Finance COM Funky NET Funky COM Funky COM Funky COM Funky COM Funky COM Funky COM Marketing COM Marketing IN Marketing COM Marketing

Please contact domainshop7 ‘at’ if you are interested to buy. Enquiries are welcome!

Transfer process:

You contact me on above email address giving your list of preferred domains to buy.

I quote the price, we can negotiate and agree on final selling price

You send payment to my paypal or MoneyBookers account (don’t worry you can easily chargeback via these service to recover your money. I am not fraud and your money is always safe)

I ask my registrar to remove domain lock. I provide that unique lock code to you. You can quote that to your registrar to get domain transferred into your current account.

The simplest and fastest way to transfer domain is to open free account at Most of my domains are registered here. So I can easily ‘push’ my domains to your account in matter of just about 1-2 days. This site also offers a free control panel that you can use to manage domains- set email forwarding, add DNS records, modify whois data, etc

Once your contact is updated in whois and you are in full control, just send me an email- that will be receipt of our transaction.

Please  note I reserve the right to not sell my domains for whatsoever reasons.


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